Lexicase Selection Beyond Genetic Programming

Lexicase Selection (general description and related publications listed here) is a selection method that was developed for parent selection in genetic programming. In the following presentation, we describe a study of lexicase selection in a non-genetic-programming context, conducted to investigate the broader applicability of the technique. Specifically, we present a framework for solving Boolean constraint satisfaction problems using a traditional genetic algorithm, with linear genomes of fixed length. We present results of experiments in this framework using use three parent selection algorithms: lexicase selection, tournament selection (with several tournament sizes), and fitness-proportionate selection. The results show that when lexicase selection is used, more solutions are found, fewer generations are required to find those solutions, and more diverse populations are maintained. We discuss the implications of these results for the utility of lexicase selection more generally.

Presentation: Lexicase_Selection_Beyond_GP.pdf (866.8 KB)

Book chapter: Metevier, B., A. K. Saini, and L. Spector. 2019. Lexicase Selection Beyond Genetic Programming. In Genetic Programming Theory and Practice XVI, edited by W. Banzhaf, L. Spector, and L. Sheneman. New York: Springer. Preprint PDF

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