Eddie Pantridge short video on lexicase selection of specialists

Eddie Pantridge explains the “Lexicase Selection of Specialists” project in under three minutes here.

He made this when the paper was just a nominee for the GECCO-2019 GP track best paper award, but now it is a winner :smile:.


This is nice! However Swoop uses a few pics I made and should be crediting our ECJ paper when using those.

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Ha. I’m surprised you found this. I cam in to the office a few days after the announcement of the nomination and our marketing guy handed me a mic and said “Just explain your paper in layman terms. Should be just a minute or two.” It was totally off the cuff and I wasn’t even sure what I said was relevant to the paper or coherent…

My mistake, I will let him know and ask him to edit it. He asked me for graphics and I gave him access to a google drive folder with relevant images I had gathered over the years without noticing some of them were screenshots of graphics from publications. I should checked to see if he had actually used any of the images, and which ones, before he posted it.


No problem. If he doesn’t want to edit the video, I think a citation for the images in the description box would be sufficient. If he does want to edit the video, I can send him higher quality images if he wants.

Should be taken care of now.