A Clojush tutorial in a Gorilla REPL worksheet

Linked below is a tutorial on using Clojush as a library in your own projects, presented in a Gorilla REPL worksheet.

Here is a printed pdf of the worksheet, which you can view without having anything installed or running anything: tutorial-worksheet.pdf (392.2 KB)

Here is the worksheet itself, which you can put in your gorilla-enabled project folder and load and run: tutorial-worksheet.clj (330.4 KB)


That is super cool – thanks for doing this!

One thing I might suggest is that you trim a lot of the run output out of the PDF. I was pretty amazed you’d written so many pages of tutorial, until I realized that most of it was just the voluminous logging output :smile: But I do think this is super useful, and a nice example of what’s possible with things like Gorilla REPL.

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Just don’t print it :wink:. I decided not to trim because this is what the user will actually see. Doing this did make me think that it might be nice to have parameters that made it easy to produce much less voluminous logging output, if only for pedagogical purposes. We’ve generally been happy to print tons of stuff figuring we could pull out just what we wanted later, and that we might be sad if a run did something interesting and we weren’t logging everything that we might want to see. But considering new users, I do think it might be nice (if of low-ish priority) to have a minimal output mode.